Imperial Baerii

Elegant, complex, very aromatic. Our Baerii is perfect for everyone who prefers intense caviar enjoyment.

Baerii is a fine-grain caviar that is obtained from the sturgeon species of the same name, "Acipenser Baerii". With its spicy taste, it delights experienced caviar lovers in particular. It owes its great popularity in gourmet circles to its soft texture and creaminess.

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500g / €250.00 EUR

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Our Imperial Caviar can be given away perfectly! Simply add our gift box to your shopping basket - and we will pack the caviar accordingly. In addition to the high-quality box, you are also giving away a mother-of-pearl spoon and the Imperial can opener in this package.

Please note: The caviar gift box can only be combined with caviar cans in sizes 50g and 125g.

Color and taste

Possible uses

A typical characteristic of the Baerii is its dark color. The small, fine roe shimmer in all shades of gray to black. In addition, there is the very aromatic and delicately spicy taste, which clearly distinguishes it from our milder types of caviar. Intense on the tongue, particularly tender on the palate - its soft and creamy consistency delights many caviar connoisseurs. 

Due to its spicy flavor, the Baerii can be wonderfully combined and goes well with oysters and hearty dishes. 

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