Champagne sauce from Jens Rittmeyer

An exclusive creation for Imperial Caviar by Jens Rittmeyer: the champagne sauce. The perfect companion to caviar.
Who better to imagine as a partner for our first sauces than star chef and sauce god Jens Rittmeyer? The taste and texture of the champagne sauce are perfectly matched to the combination with our products. The generously dosed champagne sets filigree, but always elegantly integrated acidic accents. No matter whether you combine the sauce with the Imperial Auslese , Imperial Baerii or the Ossetra Selection - it will be a feast. And of course also in connection with the Imperial Filet .

Ingredients: onion, poultry carcasses, champagne (12%), water, shallots, cream, butter, wormwood, lemon juice, bay leaves, salt, pepper

Content: 200 ml
Base price per liter: € 149.50

€ 30 

The sauces by Jens Rittmeyer - perfect not only with caviar, salmon or seafood. Order online now!

Jens Rittmeyer stands like no other for regional and seasonal cuisine. You can feel his great passion in one component above all: sauces. The perfection of this craft ultimately led to him being considered the sauce god in the industry . The star chef has developed two sauces for Imperial Caviar that are ideally suited to use with caviar, fish and seafood. In addition, other products from Rittmeyer's sauce factory in Buxtehude are available in the Imperial Caviar online shop.

Mustard seed jus from Jens Rittmeyer

The strong mustard corn jus from Jens Rittmeyer is the perfect base sauce for meat dishes and, with its pleasant sweetness and special heartiness, also goes perfectly with fried mushrooms.

Thyme shallot stock from Jens Rittmeyer

This strong brew from Jens Rittmeyer's manufactory is ideal for hearty meat dishes, but also very well suited for grilled vegetables or risotto dishes, for example. Just heat it up briefly, stir, and you're done.

Rosemary sauce from Jens Rittmeyer

The rosemary sauce from Jens Rittmeyer is a real all-rounder! It is the perfect partner for fish, vegetables, risotto and pasta - and a perfect combination with shellfish. The rosemary sauce is also ideal with white meat, poultry and tasty vegetables.

Beef stew from Jens Rittmeyer

Intense, profound, but without weighing it down - this is what a sauce should taste like with meat. Jens Rittmeyer's beef stew is the ultimate guarantee of success for every roast beef and many other meat dishes!

Beef stew from Jens Rittmeyer

The refined fish stock by Jens Rittmeyer is the perfect basic stock for all homemade fish sauces and fish soups. Beurre Blanc and many other specialties can be made quickly and easily

Yuzu lime sauce by Jens Rittmeyer

An exclusive creation for Imperial Caviar by Jens Rittmeyer: the yuzu lime sauce. The perfect companion for caviar and fillet imperial.

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