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we find new clients for you|

We are sure to bring you the first customers
through cold calls in 7 days’ period,  result guaranteed! 

We document all the guarantees in the contract

A project is launched within 2 days

You don’t pay for minutes, you pay for results

Leave your phone number and you will get
the following FREE OF CHARGE:

- Project preparation

- Customer database

- Call script

 Total: 150 EUR FOR FREE 

 Total: 150 EUR FOR FREE 

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Special conditions for Small and Medium Businesses

In nowadays’ hard times, we have reduced the cost of all our services and we also prepared an additional package of measures and tools aimed at supporting your business.

We provide 100 resulting calls for all new clients for an easy and successful start!

What we do in the context of cooperation

We determine the target audience and collect the database of potential clients

We work with outbound calls

Appointment and event invitations

Processing inbound calls

We write the text for the call script based on your project specification

Making and sending commercial offers

We provide work reports online

We provide a result guarantee and have it documented in the contract

Reasons to Hire a Remote Sales Team

Cost for managers are on a constant rise-up

Calls are pure distraction from work

Clients cannot reach you over the phone

You don’t have your own sales department

Managers waste their time answering routine questions

A feedback from customers is required

You need to improve the efficiency of your sales department

A certain result is needed

Useful integrations and peculiar features

Online reporting

Integration with CRM

Sending out the commercial offer

Quick transfer of leads


Free guest access in our system

As part of the work, we will provide you with a guest access to our system, where you can see absolutely all the activity on your project, as well as clear online reports.

Reports include data of the number of phone calls, call duration, call result, conversion, additional information that may be useful for further sales.

All phone conversations can be listened to and you can have them downloaded together with the client database in the Excel format.

Our work will be completely transparent and under control - 24/7.

Free integration with your CRM. Clients are automatically saved in Bitrix24 and amoCRM.

After each conversation, our managers mark the calls with statuses, for example: a call back, n/a (not available), send commercial offer, meeting scheduled, received client’s request, etc.

From our part, we can set up the transfer of warm and hot clients from our CRM to your Bitrix24 or amoCRM. As soon as the operator sets the required status, the lead will automatically reach your CRM system at a certain stage  of the funnel.

Detailed information on the client will be transferred as well - company name, address, client name, phone number, e-mail, manager's comment, including the conversation recording.

Free mail setup and mailout

In our system, we can set your e-mail, specifically  registered to work with us. After the conversation, all interested companies will receive a letter with your advertising material and your commercial offer.

If there is no well-composed and visually designed commercial offer or presentation, you can entrust its development to us.

The commercial offer prepared by us will emphasize the uniqueness of your product or service, and will help to effectively distinguish it from competitors and encourage the readers to contact your company.

Instant transfer of clients interested in your services

As soon as new clients are generated from our side, i.e. new requests are received, appointments are made or other targeted actions that meet your requirements are  performed - you will immediately receive a letter from us that will include detailed information upon the client, important comments accompanied with the conversation  recording.

Multilingual operators

Do you work for export or are you just planning to enter other markets? Maybe you are interested in finding foreign clients? Great, we can help you with that!

We can make calls in the following languages: Russian, English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Polish.

We have a high experience of working on projects that required calling abroad.

Geography of previously made calls: almost all countries in Europe, USA, Canada, Kazakhstan, India, Pakistan, China, Turkey, Lebanon, UAE, Egypt, Israel, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, Chile, South Africa, Nigeria, Morocco, Senegal, Mali, Algeria, Cameroon, Tunisia.

Services of the call center Easy Calls




We provide a full range of telemarketing services. You can resolve different problems with us:

Leave a request and we will contact you back for a free consultation to help you choose the best solution.

With our help, you can optimize all the business processes, improve the quality of customer service, save on costs and implement almost any tasks related to customer service.

Leave a request and we will contact you back for a free consultation to help you choose the best solution.

We will be glad to help in other areas where we’ve already accumulated a lot of experience and high level of competence.

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About us

“Easy Calls is a fully serviced outsourcing call center. We started working in this area in 2015. Since 2015 till nowadays, we have implemented more than 300 projects, and have gained huge experience and expertise in various business areas.

We provide services to our clients exactly in the way we would like them to be provided to us. We have an individual approach for each project in the process of preparing and executing an order, with no standard template methods.

Our own example shows that you can entrust your projects to the call center, delegating customer service, sales or other business processes. By contacting us, you can be sure that you are in good hands!"

Isaac Tsintsiper, head of the call center, Easy Calls


More than 300 successfully completed projects


9% - average conversion for completed projects


More than 10,000 interested clients transferred to the employers


More than 5 years on the market

Our cases

Conversion 13%


82 appointments with potential clients

Conversion 16%

Diamond-set tools

41 requests for the products supply

Conversion 19%

Expendable materials

25 requests for the products supply

Conversion 10%


87 appointments with potential clients

Conversion 15%

Cargo shipping

113 requests for cost calculation

Conversion 17%

Organization of conferences

Ticket sales to 253 companies

Conversion 11%

Large format printing

28 appointments with potential clients

Conversion 14%

Facade wool

102 appointments and requests

Conversion 12%

LED products

54 appointments with potential clients

Conversion 11%

3D imaging

31 appointments and requests

Conversion 12%

Business process automation

37 attracted clients

Conversion 6%

Legal services

40 appointments and requests

Conversion 12%

Parquet flooring

79 appointments and requests

Conversion 7%

Climatic equipment

20 appointments with potential clients

Conversion 9%


41 appointments and requests

Clients and feedback

Within the whole working period, we have successfully cooperated together with many companies, both Latvian and foreign.

Submit your request 
to calculate the cost

Submit your request
to calculate the cost

As a gift you will receive 100 free calls

As a gift you will receive 100 free calls

Phone Number *
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What do you get by contacting us?

Remote ready-made sales department

A whole team will work for you, including a project manager, a quality control department and sales managers who are motivated to bring you results as soon as possible.

Reducing costs

You save on office rent, employee salaries, taxes, communication services and hardware purchase.

Result guarantee

We guarantee the result and are ready to register it in the contract. If you have not received it, we will finalize it at our own expense.


You will not need to spend time organizing the work of the call center, finding sales managers, training and monitoring them.

Sales growth

We will create a continuous stream of warm and hot customers, thanks to which you will attract new customers to your business and increase your sales.

Savings on advertising

Quite often, the cost of a motivated client using cold calls is much lower compared to online advertising.

Large coverage of the target audience

Each manager is capable of calling up to 150 companies per day.

Satisfied employees

You don't have to deal with cold calling. Only work with "warm" and "hot" clients.

How to build up the work with us


Fill out the brief

You fill out the terms of reference so that we understand our tasks.


Client database

We collect and agree on a base of potential customers / you transfer your database.


Conversation scenarios

We develop an offer, write the call scripts, and methods of handling objections.



We train our managers and make test calls. We listen to the recordings, make adjustments.



We call your potential clients, process objections, send commercial quotations, determine the conversion.



You control the process, accept daily reports, get clients.

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Riga, Avotu iela 33 - 9, LV-1009


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Riga, Avotu iela 33 - 9, LV-1009


«Easy Calls», registration number: 40103952009

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